ABOUT - Daynight Casual



Daynight Casual was founded and launched in Stockholm 2017 by the designer and illustrator Tess Callervik. After years of working in fashion with her custom-made prints and illustrations, she decided to start something for her self. A new brand came to live with the vision of creating exclusive casual wear with focus on beautiful prints.

The idea was to create a playful base wardrobe with expressive keypieces. As for the silhouettes, they are not very complicated, more like classical and timeless. It is with the help of details, prints and fine materials Daynight Casual distinguish. The garments suit all occasions when you want to dress up and still be comfortable. Day and night.


We are therefore a Slow fashion brand.
Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments that will last for longer and values fair treatment of people, animals and the planet.

We use high quality, sustainable materials such as Lyocell, Viscose and Cotton.

Our patterns are not adapted to each garment, which means that we are avoiding waste of fabric. In this way, each garment becomes more unique.

We have few, specific styles per collection, which are released twice or maximum three times per year.

We are using recycled plastic bags for our e-commerce. Each time we order more bags a new tree is planted.

Daynight Casual is made in Portugal.


Tess Callervik is the creative director and founder of Daynight Casual. She started her career as a graphic designer and illustrator. Tess mostly illustrated for fashion magazines but also made prints and other graphic solutions for different kinds of clients. In 2010 she had her first cooperation with a famous Swedish fashion brand, it was there and then she understood that this was her future.

Tess Callervik was born in 1982 in Copenhagen Denmark, she moved to Sweden in early years. Her father ran an advertising firm, thatยดs were she decided that one day she would work with design in some way.

Tess finds her inspiration mostly in the nature and itยดs inhabitants.